I love my girlfriend but

I absolutely love my girlfriend sexiest woman ive ever met but we will have sex for 15+ minutes and she orgasms but for the life of me i cant finish and its making me think down on myself i wish i knew how ti fix it

Do you masterbate at all when not having sex? I’ve personally found that too much masterbation has made it harder for me to cum during sex.

Are you on anti depressants? These can cause orgasm issues.

Bunch of stuff I do sometimes: I cut out porn (at least a month); this includes any imagery I might use when masturbating. By that point I’m so starved that the women in front of me is everything I want.

The second thing I do might be a little controversial but I put myself in a different place. When I was having sex with girl friend at the time I’d often think back to some really hot moments we had, or could have. Sometimes I’d imagine one of us was a sex worker or cheating or there was some taboo context to what we were doing.

I’d let my imagination add a little spice