I feel like there's too many exercises

Anyone else feel that there’s too many exercises in this program. They recommend doing everything every day - but once you add up box breathing, breaking the stigma, soft penis pleasuring, pelvic floor exercises… and that’s just what im up to in the course… it gets a lot. How are other people progressing through this?

Honestly it does feel like a lot. What I do is if I feel like it’s too much for a single day, I’ll split it in more days. As long as you make an effort to finish your exercises in a reasonable amount of time, I don’t think it’ll have such a negative impact.

Yeah, split it up. Personally though, I’m quite happy to put the time and effort in here if it’s going to help me out with my issue. :blush: hopefully it’s not for too long :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Hey there, thanks for sharing this feedback. We’ve gotten this feedback alot – that somedays it’s overwhelming. We’ve also heard that on other days it’s underwhelming.

We will improve this by end of July, where we will be personalizing the exercises based on the amount of time you prefer to do, spreading them out more evenly and making them more relevant to you.

In the meantime, I’d echo the advice you’re getting above: it’s better to do a little bit every single day than to do alot but erratically (i.e. doing a ton one day and doing nothing the next).


I know it’s a silly thing but what gets me about this is that you lose your streak/doing get a tick for completing the day if you don’t finish everything. I’m more than happy spreading them out if I can’t do them but it makes me feel like I’m failing somehow if I don’t do them all. Just because of that damn tick…

Oh great point, planning to fix this in the next few days!

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I am up to day four of my trial and am beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Mojo can feel overwhelming for some - there is a lot of learning on the site. If you feel it is too much for one day - do what you can manage. It is better to take your time, notice what comes up for you and your body, trying to take time to relax and after exercises taking mental notes of how it went. You will be getting a lot out of the program, learning about your body, understanding your thoughts and how they can effect you and practicing new ways of doing things and finding confidence. You’re making positive changes : )

Thanks for your thoughts Amanda. I will remember to box breathe when I feel anxious or overwhelmed. I will also piggy back Mojo onto my daily meditation. :slightly_smiling_face: