I don’t even feel my erection

I was getting a blowjob from a woman I’m absolutely crazy about. I’m so in my head that I literally couldn’t feel anything until I touched it with my hand. And i just felt so inadequate cus I’m into her. And I want to love it so badly. And yet here I am……

The same thing has happened to me man. Hope there’s something on this app for us :joy:

It’s rhe worst when you loose all feeling. She is trying her best and you are in her. Outh and it’s fucking numb. So frustrating. Some times it feels amazing. Other times it feels like it’s frozen and can’t feel anything

Same here. I’m trying to change my habits. Less porn use, more imagination, and a less aggressive masturbation. I bought a fleshlight to avoid using a tight grip with my hand instead.

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She’s away for another 9 days. So I won’t see her until the weekend of June 8th. I already have a little anxiety because I know she’s going to desire me badly. I’m working through these exercises and going to try and give her a massage and extend foreplay and hopefully be out of my head and calm and comfortable to finally have penetrative sex.