I am from China and I suffer from psychogenic erectile dysfunction

I failed to get an erection during sex 3 months ago, so I went to the hospital for various penis examinations. The doctor diagnosed me with psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Let me briefly describe my situation:
I couldn’t get an erection at all when I was with my girlfriend. Later, I could get an erection after relaxing, but I couldn’t maintain an erection and the erection was not hard enough. I tried to use sex concentration training and succeeded once, but I never succeeded again. Every time I feel that the blood flow to the penis is not up, and I can’t get an erection on my own. When I first encountered erectile dysfunction, I would get an erection on my own when I talked to other women about pornographic topics. Now, due to my high mental tension, I can’t get an erection when I talk to other women about pornographic topics. The funny thing is that I can’t get an erection with my girlfriend, but when I go out to find a sex worker, I can maintain an erection as long as I relax. I tried several different women and I can get an erection, but I can’t get an erection when I try with my girlfriend. Now this problem affects my work and life. Every day I think about how to restore my own erection with my girlfriend.

In addition, mojo.so does not seem to support Chinese. I would like to sincerely ask my friends around the world, my English is not very good, can I use this website to restore my erectile function?

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Also, I can have stress-free erections for two days by just taking Tadalafil 5mg, but I don’t want to take medicine. The exercises I am currently doing include squats and Kegel exercises. Will this be effective for my erectile dysfunction?

have tried lipus low energy shock wave therapy, but it didn’t work for me.