How to wax and Wayne in shower?

I’m in a busy household. I read some posts where people suggesting to go wax and Wayne in shower. Can someone please guide how can it be done?

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Hey mate, do it pretty much the same way you would do it sitting down or laying in your bed. Follow the directions in the app you just do it in your shower.

If you area little worried other may wonder how long you taking in the shower- start before you get in. Undress and play with yourself to get hard. Look in the mirror. Once you are hard get in shower while you are letting it go soft. Then play with yourself again in the shower. Use fantasy if you need. Once you are hard. Wash yourself, hair etc. but keep somewhat of a focus on your dick. Like the app says if you are doing it in bed or on the phone don’t get your phone out. You don’t want to get too distracted. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go up again or the third time is a challenge, there is always next time.
Then go for no 3. Work on getting hard again and if your want you can then finish. Easy clean up at the end also.

I am pretty much using my daily showers now as a mindfulness moment to be present in my body not in my mind ( I used to spend my time in the shower overthinking and analyzing life etc). Either a wax and wane type moment or sensate while washing myself kind of meditative. I am so much calmer at the end, know my body so much better and much more body confident also. Pretty much get a chubby every shower now if not full hard without realizing it or setting out to do it.

Give it a try. It might take a few times to settle in into it. I learned these things don’t change overnight it’s a process.
It also might not be for you and that’s OK. Maybe keep search out other options for you to get some time for yourself alone.
Wish you well mate. You got this.

*doing in bed or on a chair don’t get your phone out.
Not sure why auto text was trying to say in the middle there