How long after divorce

I was with my ex for 34 year and married 32 of those. I know this is unpredictable but I just can’t seem to get any sex drive not interest in sex yet. Is this common? Something new for me…never had a problem before.

Im sorry to hear this news, I have a similar situation, My issues were due to the stress of the commitment and the sudden loss, as a form of ptsd. In time the libido will return, after the brain has time to rewrite its processes…

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Looking through the mojo comments you’ll find heaps and heaps of guys have a loss of sex drive, interest and functioning after relationship breakups - including relativity short relationships. So yeah I’d say it is common and to give yourself time to find yourself again - you’ve likely got other stuff to work through first.

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I was married for 10 years and felt the same way after divorce. I had a hard time feeling horny and keeping it up. Or, I should say I HAVE a hard time. I have been dating someone that has been patient with me and is working with me, and it’s been 4 years since my divorce. My marriage was a bit abusive sexually though, so that also doesn’t help. My ex always acted like I was bothering her when I’d try to initiate.

But I have hope and am way happier lately!

This was me! Was with my ex wife for 25 years with absolutely no problems with sex! One day she wanted “out” and I had the most stressful 2 years of my life going through the divorce process! The stress of the divorce was extreme! It was this stress that caused my Ed problem! 3 months after the split- tried sex with someone else and just had no chance of getting it up! I had absolutely zero labido! It freeked me out completely! Tried every pill in the book! Macca etc which I found to be useless! Been just over 2 years now and the anxiety has just started to fade! Have a wonderful partner who understands completely and is very patient. So I guess it is starting to improve! It was the constant anxiety of the divorce/ money/kids that killed all sex drive! So yes it’s normal. It will return! Just be patient.