How do I know if ed is mental or physical

I’m still dealing with not being able to get erections every time I have sex with a girl I can’t get it up it’s been an ongoing problem for years now and now I’m confused On if it’s psychological or physical


Considering your age, its almost 100% a mental issue. If you have not gotten any erections in the past few years (no morning erection, not while masturbating alone, just never) then it might be physical.

If you did, you can be sure it is a mental problem and probably stress blocking the bloodflow.

Hopefully this will help for you, goodluck brother.

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Hey brief-coffee-catfish, we’ve written this article to help:

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!

It’s most likely mental. It’s good that you’re on here, but also tells me you’ve been thinking about it a lot which is why I think it’s mental. Once you start to really think about it that’s when the problem starts.

If you get hard by yourself but not with a girl, it’s mental. You can try the “stamp test” too if you’re worried. What you’ll learn on the app is how your mental is tied to your physicality, and what to do about it.