Height difference and other issues

I’m very tall (6’6”) and my gf is about a foot shorter than me. Because of this we have issues finding positions where we line up correctly, and that on top of the issues I have getting/staying hard sometimes often ends up being a mood killer and things just go south. She’s my first partner so I have no experience to compare to, but she has had other partners. She says that I’m always spreading my legs too far and my hips are too wide and it ends up messing up the angles, but I think I’m doing it to compensate for the height difference. If I try to keep my legs together it feels like it squashes my balls, but I guess that’s what I need to be doing?

Any other guys have similar issues with height or have positions to suggest? I’m kind of just venting too because feel down right now, we just were going to try to have sex but basically got nowhere and now I’m feeling bad

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Hey man I’ve had those issues in the past. Try laying her on her stomach. You can spread your legs as wide as you want plus it’s a great pelvic floor workout. Or put her legs up it might look like it’s kinking her neck a little, but they usually don’t mind

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I’ve been with a lot of partners a foot or more shorter. There’s lots you can do! What about different positions? If you are doing missionary, have her spread her legs or hold them up. Put a pillow underneath her for a better angle. Camel position is great too along with spooning position which is my favorite. Doggy style is amazing too. Her on top is good too. The important thing is to experiment with different positions and see what works. Have fun with it!

I run into the same issues in certain positions. I’m 6,1, my wife is 5,2, and I outweigh her by well over 100lbs. Try putting her on her back, you on your knees, and with your arms supporting her legs. Her legs over your shoulders is even better if she’s flexible enough. If you put a pillow or one of those sex wedges (Google Liberator wedge) under her hips, it’s even better. This position negates the size issues for us, plus I hit her g-spot pretty much constantly.

I am 6’3 and my gf is 5’4 almost a foot difference, i also find myself in awkward positions to try and align myself w her. But here are some positions that just work w us.

  1. doggy style on the edge of the bed. Have her in a doggy position on the edge of the bed while you are standing.

  2. Another one is another one on the edge of the bed, you experiment snd play around w the edge of the bed, have her bust her legs wide open while u stand and fuck her like that or have her legs closed to the side while u slip it in between her legs.

  3. Obvious one is her riding you.

  4. Cuddle fuckin, u guys are cuddling and pull her pants down and stick it in. Warm her up before so she gets wet before.

  5. Idk what its called but while she on top of u have her lay down on u while ur in her, slightly lean to the side and stroke while u have ur hands on her ass and tiddies in ur mouth. Thatll make her go crazy

Absolutely do not do these things without discussing with your partner first. Any type of domming or denigration should only be done with prior consent. Some partners like it and others REALLY do not. (For example if your partner had experienced sexual assault springing this could be very triggering.) That said, domming with consent can be great. Download a dominant partner spreadsheet and go through it with your partner if that’s what you both want, but def do that beforehand.