Having sex more than once in a night

So I am wanting to ask my beloved community a question, after a 9 - 5 job I have sex with my wife I am good for the first time, but after I am done I never have gone for the second round, neither have we tried that with all our might, how do men go on for more than once, have heard stories of couples having sex 7-8 times in a day! I can’t go past one! What is wrong with me

Yes, you heard stories.
But in reality most man in middle ages cannot do more than twice a day.


Well nothing is wrong with you! Totally normal and appropriate when you actually have a life. Quality over quantity man.

But is it an libido issue? I am 27

Personally I really don’t think it’s an issue to worry about.

Comparing to others is a certain path to pain and misery - these couples may not be doing that (if indeed they are) “naturally” (could be on pills, pumps etc) … and well do you need to go there - what for - to brag ? Nope I’d aim to enjoy what you do - you can always explore 2nd rounds when you have space and energy for it as just an exploration but aim not to be hard on yourself if it doesn’t work - I haven’t honestly heard of real people actually doing that enjoyably - but there’s always going to someone! Good for them eh.


Also libido is quite a personal thing - everyone is different - what matters is how you feel and if you and your partner are ok with where you each are at.

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