Has anyone ever used a penis pump for ED?

Has anyone ever used a penis pump for ED before? (Electrical), reading good things about them online and seeing pretty positive reviews regarding helping maintain erections , at least for a while anyway. Considering getting one but if anyone could share honest opinions or experiences that would be great

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Hi. Yes, and it’s great that you are thinking about this positively. I resisted for a while but my Doctor told me of others who had good success. Honestly, the results have been patchy but I share this with you in case it gives you a rounded view. Clearly this works for many others, and may be just because I’ve had ED a long time.

Hand pump number 1: bought very cheap on the internet, didn’t work at all.

Pump number 2 (electric): low cost and does work sometimes so a success of sorts. Can’t seem to find the right balance of ‘almost hard enough vs painful’ but maybe I’m impatient. Tried using with the ‘vagina insert’ which helps but feels like a bit of a kink and could make a real BJ seem inadequate (!)

Option 3: bought a better hand pump for the original vacuum tube - it’s stronger and works better, so I alternate between the electric option and this one.

It seems to be helping, it’s just that I’ve got a long way to go, perhaps.

I recall as a younger man getting hard at anything, and only a bit of stimulation, so you may well find that any of the above works for you.

Overall I’m pleased that I started out with cheaper options and worked my way up as these can be quite expensive and with high cost can come high expectations.

I hope something in this is of interest. Good luck to you.