Great sex after several dissappointments!

Last night I had great sex with my wife, Joined this app because I stared getting heart racing, sweaty palms, GI issues, whenever we started to have sex so erection was difficult or will get erect but not for long.

Joined this app, started doing the meditations, reading and understanding what my issue was, also talking about it with her was a huge relief alongside professional sexual therapy that I’m still going to, yesterday my wife and I took penetration off the table, massage, lots of lube and all of the sudden I was ready to go, penetrated her and lasted enough for her to climax, I know is easier said than done on the “do not think about it” but the exercises help

Don’t give up there is light at the end of the tunnel I still have work to do but it is amazing what the meditations and exercises such as soft penis pleasuring, box breaths, the inner critic, etc can do for you. Keep going!!


Be sure to express your gratitude to your partner for listening to you. Not all of us get that support.


Congrats!! I have troubles on the “do not think about it”. Ill get an erection and when i penetrate my heart starts to race sometimes and i get more anxious because i dont trust my erection. My erection is there but i kill it by thinking ab the worst outcome and it happens and ends up disappointing my partner and me. Whats some tips you learned that maybe i can input in my sex life?