Finally Worked! Small Success Story

My wife and I have been together for nearly twenty years. About seven months ago I started having trouble with ED; was too nervous and anxious about performance.

Tried a lot of things to make it happen. Tried medication, which didn’t help. Went through the entire Mojo program.

Well we just had sex three days ago for the first time in seven months with medication (though we tried maybe 20+ times), and last night had it again without.

Need to celebrate the wins when they happen.

First takeaway is the emotional connection. It helps when I’m not worried and can just enjoy the process. It also helps when she’s open helping and calming; a true emotional connection.

Second is to absolutely stay away from porn. I didn’t realize that even glancing here or there was probably setting me back three to four weeks each time. It’s poison. Even when nothing is happening at home, or frustrated, or blowing off steam… it’s affects us. It’s terrible.

Third is I think the Kegel exercises are starting to kick in. Legitimately took four or five months, but I can feel the difference now. Can do sustained levels for 20+ seconds while I could barely do five when I started.

I used another app Habit to do the kegels (three rounds each day), and track my streak of avoiding any online content (even those TikTok or Facebook reels can set me back). That’s helped encourage me a lot.

Hang in there, and stick with the program. Be patient.

When I first started I never would have thought it would take seven months, but that’s what it did for me. Give yourself patience, and stick with the kegels, floor exercises, meditation, and stay away from porn.

That’s my MO going forward to build on this.

Hang in there!


Thanks, I wish I can reach your level soon! Thanks for sharing your story

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Thanks for sharing the metrics about how many weeks/months things took and how many seconds you are holding your kegals now. I think that is useful.

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After you finished all the phases, what sort of regiment have you followed?

I do the floor stretch exercises every weekday (five days a week).

I do kegels every day (7 days a week, 4 times a day).

The kegels are actually easier to do, because I can do them anywhere and anytime. I’ve gotten in the habit of every time I think or worry about sex, I do a round of kegels. It’s helpful to turn a worry into something constructive.

I try to do two of the meditation segments a week. I’ve been bad about that though.

And strictly no porn. It’s not obvious how destructive it’s been for me… but I know now that it really is. I needed to reset my baseline quite a bit and two or three weeks off it wasn’t enough.

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Congrats! Happy for you and thanks for sharing

Awesome! Thanks for sharing :raised_hands:t3:

How awesome! It’s great to hear all the approaches that made a difference!

Congrats, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!