Feeling Cold before Sex

Hey there lads. I’ve been struggling real bad this year with not being able to get hard at all when I’m with a women. I’ve noticed that I feel quite physically cold in the hour or so leading up to the bedroom. Once I even went downstairs to get a glass of water and I was shivering. Anyone ever noticed this?

Never cold. Always ready to go, and when me and my gf started having sex, super amazing, could cum 4-5 times a sesh. Now I’m lucky if it’s one time.

Yes mate. I get the same feeling. It’s like the rest of my body switches off and can’t focus on anything else cause of my body feeling so cold. Always wanted to know what caused this etc.

Glad to know I’m not alone! But yeah it’s weird. It’s obviously something to do with the nervous system flight or flight that we learn about in phase one or two. But how to tackle it is the question :slight_smile:

Not cold, but I’ve definitely been shivering

Sounds like axiety to me I get it also

Happens to me as well. Sometimes even just thinking about a likely sexual encounter (for example when texting with her) I’ll get to the point where I’m so cold that I’m unable to stop shaking.

I have been using meds for a while to alleviate the issue, but when I didn’t I would feel anxious. That fluttering feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then frustration. Then avoidance with a partner.

I’ve had this feeling before. It really helps to put socks on in this situation!

I’ll have that feeling when I take a shower before bed knowing I’m coming out showing what my wife has waiting for her. Even out of the hot shower I’m cold as if the anticipation causes it and it takes me a little bit once her and I get started to warm up. Almost like nerves or something.

I am getting cold now as well. I attribute it to nerves and anxiety. It pisses me off to say the least. Looking forward to moving past this over thinking stuff. I never took the time as a young adult to become comfortable with sex and used alcohol frequently to cover up my nerves. I quit drinking over a year ago and my sex life has taken a hit. I totally expected the opposite with the health benefits but now it’s my head won’t stop long enough to enjoy anything.

Sorry to hear that you are going through this, pal.

I’m not a medical professional, but this could be symptomatic of potentially other issues? Have you tried to have a chat with the doctor?

At the same time, my only relatable experience is when I’m in a stressful situation, my hands and feet could go a bit cold. I know that this is a common defence mechanism of our bodies. Basically, the blood gets pulled to the centre of your body and away from your limbs during some stressful moments.

I’m not sure if it helps, but I hope you figure this out

I’ve had that with high amounts or nerves/anxiety.

Usually I only get cold feet. Guess I should keep my socks on :grin:

Mine isn’t cold, but a definite dry mouth, racing heart and clammy hands. I know it’s happening but I can’t disconnect from it and it’s a total mood killer. Who would have ever thought something that was once so easy, natural and fun would turn into a fight or flight reaction. It’s a curse I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Yes! Felt this exact same thing last time my gf and I had someone over. Even pointed a space heater directly at myself and still felt cold. I assumed anxiety but it never presents itself this way outside of the bedroom.

I often shiver but not through feeling cold. I find it’s purely an anxiety thing. As it happens now when it’s someone new. I’d offer some help but it’s something I’m trying to learn how to deal with too. Hope the app helps

When I get nervous, even without sex involved, I start to shiver and shake. It’s definitely anxiety induced.

I have had that same experience with shivering when encouraging foreplay and anticipation of sex with my wife. It puts the brakes on things for sure. Have yet to determine the cause. Next time this happens I will explain to her what may be going on and maybe it will break the pattern. Thanks for sharing as I always thought I was the only one with this experience

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Yeah, I’ve noticed my hands get ice cold before seeing some action. And then I’ve also noticed that even if I manage to get hard, I go numb down there and can’t feel a thing