Feel like I’m too old

I’m 47. Have been having trouble with erections for about 7 years and it just gets worse. Mojo has been helpful but issues don’t improve (pills don’t help much either). Sex is no longer desirable and I’m losing hope. Depresses the hell out of me and I think maybe I’m just too old to try and fix this anymore and accept that my sex kids is over.

*sex life…not “sex kids.” Spellcheck error.

Are you watching porn? If pills don’t help it’s probably cause the problem is caused in your brain not your blood.


Yeah. Quite a bit. But I’ve reduced the amount significantly.

I’m 46. Everyone’s situation is different. I honestly don’t think you’re too old to fix things, you could be in your 50s and that wouldn’t be too old…but it depends on your relationship situation and your physical health. If it seems like it’s a physical thing then you should really go and see a doctor just to rule out anything serious or anything that could be easily fixed. Good luck anyway. I have to say I feel pretty old here too. Mojo has helped a wee bit (the pelvic floor stuff seems good) but there’s not much direction after you’ve done the courses.

too old? unlikely. Sex at 20 and sex at 47 are different things. What Im learning is how alot of my low drive is due to comparing…comparing to friends, comparing to porn, and mostly comparing to my “lost” youthful energy. Try accepting that you’re NOT twenty, you’re 47 and you are just in a different physical body now…Dr. Tyler Hendricks has great videos on YT on male sexuality and challenges. Try watching and see if some of your concerns are addressed. You’re not alone. Its helpful to know that even young men have these issues too. He did and thats why his vids are so interesting, and he’s about 34. Good luck.


Dr. Tyler Hendricks on YT. Great information on mens sexual health and TRT. Mojo is a starting point IMO. Check out his vids for more avenues.

porn creates unrealistic comparisons that most men could never live up to. Comparing ourselves to what we imagine others can do creates negative emotions. I do watch porn, but I noticed myself comparing too much and started causing a turn off. Not always, but I’ve reduced it a great deal and have better results now.

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How often do you watch it?

I really appreciate the tips and encouragement. Thank you.

hey, you are welcome! Im glad its helpful. Good luck in your journey!

I agree - I’m in my 60s - OMG!! I’ve had performance anxiety my entire life but have just dealt with it - or rather kept it hidden and not dealt with it. Now here I am - back to being hopeful! No matter the age we all deserve to live a life filled with pleasurable experiences

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I am 59 and doing just joined this forum. Has the mojo stuff been helpful for you?