Erectile dysfunction in your 20s

If you’re in your 20s and struggling with ED, we’d love to hear from you.

What do you think are the biggest life stresses that may be impacting your erections as a young guy? What has helped you keep your erections on track?

Performance anxiety, the idea of not being good enough and needing to be “perfect”


Porn and it’s effects (insecurities over your body). Also, the mental effects it can have on you, such as; desensitised to real life women


I feel pressure at college to hook up with a bunch of girls and be like the other guys

Unfortunately I’ve been dealing with this problem ever since I became sexually active around 3 years ago. It occurred constantly w/ my ex who also didn’t help the situation much. Was rarely able to keep it up for intercourse from my immense nervousness and self doubt. That’s definitely improved a considerable amount but am still sadly dealing with the same problems w/ my current girlfriend. Luckily, she’s much more understanding than the last, but it definitely takes a toll on our relationship regardless of what anyone says. I’ve been working on my problem for such a long time and it does genuinely suck that I haven’t overcame it yet but I suppose all I can do is continue to try my best.

Got kicked out by family at a young age, struggled to keep it up during sex since.