Election issues after long term relationship breakup?

Has anyone else ever had issues getting/maintaining an election after breaking up with someone you were in a LTR with? I had some of the same ssues with her but could 9/10 times perform and finish. Now I’ve been seeing other people I find it hard to get and stay hard without a pill, and even then I struggle to finish which was never an issue previously.

It’d be cool to see if anyone has had the same issues.

Strength and honor, my brothers.

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I was in a three year relationship where I never had any problems getting or maintaining an erection. We broke up 6 months ago and I’ve only recently started having sexual encounters again, yet every time we’re about to have sex I lose my erection. Have you found any solution to your problem?

Right there with ya, brother! I was in a 15-year marriage and never experienced any erection issues. Now that I’m in a new relationship, erection issues are showing up. Through this Mojo program, it’s become clear that it’s an anxiety issue… and I’m basically worried that things are going to blow up all over again.
I’m planning to join a divorce support group to work through my fears.

This has definitely happened to me. M50, been separated for 2 yrs following a 23 yr monogamous relationship. Never really had a problem maintaining or finishing (unless I had one too many pints!). I have finally found someone amazing and suddenly find I’m not performing the way I used to.

This is my first day on Mojo, I’m hoping for some good results!

I ended a 9 year LTR and was just like you. I was anxious but most of times I could manage and get an erection with her. I’ve been with 2 girls recently and wasn’t able at all. I believe the app will help and we just have to keep focusing on the moment. No worries if there is no penetration and it’s not a big deal if you are not hard. Just enjoy her body. Although easier said than done.