Dissapointed date

Today, I got told by the girl I am dating that what I can give to her is not enough, and she would prefer not to see me that often. Like licking her or fingering her only constitutes foreplay but not really sex for her. Personally, however, I adore her.

This happened to me with a bunch of girls that I started to date. People I acu

I’m dating a girl for 4 months who I haven’t been able to stay hard with for penetrative sex. She’s super encouraging and she tells me that we’ll keep trying and figure it out. I’m sure she’s a little frustrated and or disappointed too (she should be). But the right woman will literally give you time and explore every avenue to help you out. Keep working on YOU and what’s the root cause. You’ll find a great woman who’ll appreciate you as is or push/help you resolve it. Then she’ll get the best dicking from you that you both deserve. I’ve fingered and licked my gf to 3-5 orgasms over the course of a day. Keep going my guy.


Thank you a lot for sharing! This is encouraging. And I do need this conversation.

I had an ex-girlfriend who I could make come by licking her pussy and I have enjoyed that soo much. However, after a year she did not come from that anymore and we also broke up. But at least I know that I can lick quite well. Now that I also take the time to work on my penetrative sex, I hope for a much brighter future.

By the way, my age, 27 now, but turning 28 very soon, is still a bummer because I had so many years with bad sex.

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