Can’t stay hard when on top or doggy

I can never stay hard when I have her on her back or In doggy. Pretty good most of the time when I’m on my back and she’s on top. I’m a large guy and certainly not very fit. But as soon as I go in when on top it’s near instant failure. Any ideas or suggestions please?

Maybe activating your lower abdominals will help when mounting. Try leg lifts just lay on your back hands under your but and slowly lift both legs up and slowly put them down. Should light a fire in your ‘hump’ muscles lol.

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Thanks mate. Will give this a go asap. Appreciate it.

Can’t help, unfortunately I’m the strict opposite. I can’t relax when she’s on top. My inner voice is disturbing me too much…

I have the same issue when my partner is giving me head

It can also be a good idea to practice your mindful masturbation and waxing and waning in different positions - not just on your back. Remember lots of lube and a gentle grip. This will help you get confidence for different positions : )

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