Ashwaganda and libido / ED

Just wondering if anyone else suspects ashwaganda could be contributing to their ED or low sex drive?

I’ve been taking 600-700mg of Ash most nights for the past 1-2 years to help with sleep and stress resilience, unaware there could be side effects.

It wasn’t until I randomly stumbled across a post saying Ash should be cycled in and off, and can lead to feelings of emotional numbness, low affect, low libido and in some cases, ED. I reckon this could all be true for me.

Anyone else know much about this?

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I have heard the opposite of it that helps build testosterone… it will be a shocker if it’s actually the thing causing me issues

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I’d also heard the opposite, which is why I disregarded it as a culprit initially. But it seems it can go either way, perhaps due to individual factors. Just do a bit of research for yourself and have a read.

For me, while ED hasn’t been an issue until recently, the timing does line up with when I started feeling my sex drive reduce. So I’m going to stop taking Ash completely and see if I notice any improvement.

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Nope. There is a company called Joy Mode that sells an Ash based Testosterone supplement specifically helping deliver daily support for men’s heath including ED.

It completely killed my ability to get hard.

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Interesting. Can you elaborate?
What dose, how often and when did you notice your libido dropped?
Have you recovered and how long did that take?

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I found the opposite. I started supplementing with Ashwaganda around this same time I started this program (about 3 months now) and have been getting good results with erections.
Although my free test levels were good even with ED at 705 pmol/l


So, it’s too soon to count my bones (eggs) yet, but I’ve skipped ashwagandha 2 nights in a row and I just woke with a solid morning erection.

It seems (based on my anecdotal research) thst ashwagandha have go both ways, for some it boosts libido /elections, for others (possibly me) it kills elections and libido.

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3 days in a row I’ve had strong morning erections, since cutting out ashwagandha.