Any Supplements that increase libido?

Has anyone tried ashwagandha pills or any libido/testosterone supplements that you would recommend. My testosterone levels are 300 which to me is low for being 25. Any advice/ suggestions help?

It did help me in the past, but can’t confirm if it was just a placebo effect, or if sex was more tuned.

First thing os exercise, specifically weith training, which builds muscle and the muscles help with testostrone, self esteem, and libido just folows. Horny goat weed, tongat ali, ashwangada, etc… all can be purchased on amazon. Get blood work done and you should get a script for dhea supplements to help with free testosterone. There are a lot of remedys and once you start researching youll find more

Syat away from internet bs supplements that say the get you bigger, high libido ect… Boostero, or vmax. They are the same ingredients i listed above but they scam you at 60-80 a bottle… Do the research and you will find it.

I have been to Holland and Barratt… got ashwaghanda pills with only 1 other ingredient… day 3 so far… and I also have centrum men advanced, for Zinc and Magnesium!
No substitute for healthy meals and exercise though.

For all the poor homies out there (I feel you) there are these ashwaganda capsules w/maca root in a green/black bottle @Walgreens near the testosterone section. For a natural “quick fix” or even just confidence boost, I highly recommend. Only like $20

Zinc / Magnesium supplements + Maca + Beet powder.