Are most guys here straight or gay?

I’m just wondering because the sexual drive among men is usually higher. There’s a constant need for action and performance. If you feel comfortable, talk about your experiences and how you feel into or out of LGBT community.


Pan. I feel sometimes it’s hard for me and my gf to get after it cause sometimes I’m in the mood for dick and although she’s aware of my sexuality it’s hard for me to say I’m soft cause I’d rather be getting fucked or sucking dick rn as you can imagine lol. We talked about pegging and whatnot but when it’s spontaneous it can be difficult if I’m not in the mood but try to be for her.


Never seen a survey to know but certainly see comments from the whole spectrum I think.


I was wondering the same thing, but when it comes to sex drive within the queer community, it does seem like a higher drive is expected, especially if you use apps like Grindr. That expectation could be a factor in performance anxiety when you wonder where you sit on the scale compared to other guys looking for sex.