Anyone tried trimix

was wondering if i could get this psycological mess out of my mind by using trimix a couple times so i could follow through with sex and maybe itll go away and put it my mind to not think about being able to get hard again,i can jerk off an cum without anything but its when to have sex with a female i struggle to get hard or not at all and ive been dealing with this for quiet some time! the only thing is the trimix is injected by needle into your penis and im not much on using needles…BUT to get it to work with my partner id do anything at this point! (main question is would it help or has anyone tried it?)

Just got a subscription and I’m in the process of figuring it out. It definitely works, but there’s a little bit of learning curve to it. I barely tried it just this past weekend. You can really only use it 3 times per week at most. I’m hoping to vary it up with days that are more for penetration, and maybe other days being more for open/pleasure/play. You’re comment/struggle resonates. Good luck on the journey.