Any trans men here? especially those with genital dysphoria?

I’ve dealt with genital dysphoria even before I learned I was a trans man. It felt like I could live as a girl for a while, but whenever I thought about how I didn’t have a penis, I felt ashamed. I’ve been able to get erections after being on testosterone for a while, but when I’m in the presence of other people, I don’t get hard at all. I keep thinking about how I don’t compare to cis men and it keeps me from getting aroused. Anyone else dealing with this?


Hey, just wanted to comment as a fellow member of the trans community. I cannot relate personally as a trans woman, but I do struggle with genital dysphoria in the opposite way. We don’t have much knowledge or experience as a team in this area currently, but I hope we can provide better support and content on the platform in the future for the trans community, especially as we grow and our community grows with us.