Any theories why I don't feel much pleasure in my glans?

Just wondered if anyone has gone through the same thing and came out the other side? What did you do to improve the feelings/sensations?


Are you circumcised? If you are, you should know that your glans is supposed to be a mucus membrane, similar to your mouth and eyes. It’s not supposed to be exposed. Over time, it dries out and calluses.

For circumcised guys, look into foreskin restoration. You won’t be able to regrow every part of the original structure, but you will be able to re-cover, de-keritanize your glans, and the remaining nerves do replicate and improve sensation.

I didn’t think I had any of my frenulum remaining, but it’s regrowing/reappearing, which was unexpected (and very welcome), so ymmv.

I disagree it has anything to do with circumcision. Please don’t push that myth. Then nerves have long since been laid down in the person if circumsized or not circumsized.

I used to have this problem. Desensitization was a combination of things.

  1. generally I’m high strung. I have to do the slow down breathing exercises, the senate exercise, etc to calm my nervous system from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic system (see polyvagal theory). Men can have internalized trauma from young ages just like women do but we are told to suck it up. And we do it well.

  2. the soft penis pleasuring exercise helped. Take time to explore yourself slowly, with different kinds of touch. We don’t do this as adults anymore because “we have better things to do with our time.”

  3. lack of fantasy bank. I forgot what turns me on or didn’t let myself think those things or explore them. This helped. Your mood affects how your penis feels.

  4. dissociation and numbness or hypersensitivity in a bad way. Again, nervous system is in the heightened states of the polyvagal chart. Needs calming. I got a massage and found I responded well to that environment (even going home after…). Sometimes this is physical and sometimes need to talk trauma in therapy.

  5. I got tired of being objectified for my penis. If I hooked up, the person just focused on my penis and didn’t do anything else I enjoyed like kissing, playing around, feeling bodies, connecting. It was pants off, grab me, yank–it wasn’t working - - so then I was yanked harder and vacuumed or squeezed harder then told I should take a viagra (dismissive of my feelings as though there is something wrong with me… I look healthier than 99.99% of the population as I work in Fitness and am still an athlete at age 38). Then the person typically calls me some character attack names and leaves and blocks me.

  6. fear of connecting and losing my independence means I subconsciously can avoid connecting during sex to people I like. I have no issues staying hard with people visiting from out of town who are already in relationships. I can be free then.

I have a great solo masturbation life now and can have great sex with people who aren’t threatening or make my lack of getting hard about them.

I’d share in the group thing offered but the time I went to that I got cut off mid story by the moderator. Apparently we have to keep things very surface level there. Wasn’t a good fit for me.

Not circumcised. I had phimosis up until 42 (43 now). I used to masturbate dry so I’m thinking the constant rubbing of my relatively dry glans could have desnsitized it over time.


This comments section I’ve found a safe place to share if you would like to.

I’m not sure why you think it’s a myth. Thousands of guys around the world (myself included) are doing foreskin restoration and discovering first-hand the opposite of what the mainstream “science” says.

I started at CI-0 and am at CI-3 now, with my glans being covered by skin and medical tape (using the t-tape method). I have absolutely gotten more sensitive, to the point where it’s annoying, if not borderline painful, to leave my glans exposed. It didn’t used to be like this.

To be clear, I didn’t say the lack of sensitivity had to do with lost nerves, I said that it had to do with the glans being exposed and keratinizing. Even so, I don’t know how you could possibly argue that removing the frenulum wouldn’t cause a loss of sensation.

You might want to look into this a little deeper before hand-waving next time, there’s a (small) army of men who know more than you do from lived experience.

I have had an officially circumsized penis since 7 days old but often am asked if I am uncircumsized. Please don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Rather, there is a medical industry that profits (very well) off of telling people their genitalia is better if modified. What better if it can expand to propaganda against men instead of looking into the psychological issues affecting sensitivity. Instead, a medical solution is offered. If you find genital modifications are your thing, I have nothing against it for you as an individual. I am strongly against it being offered as the main reason people have loss of sensitivity. Everything isn’t medical. Most men’s glans keratinized when they were infants, not as adult men who suddenly feel less pleasure from touch.

If you are at that level of CI, then your glans have probably never been keratinized or at risk of desensitization. How then would you know what its like for those of us with tighter cuts?

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. We aren’t doing surgeries, we’re stretching skin, using often everyday household objects, to induce mitosis and eventually cover our glans back up like it should have been all along. The mainstream medical industry does not care about this in any sense, and would probably ridicule it.

I suppose you could have surgeries done by someone, somewhere, but none of us recommend that.

Foreskin restoration isn’t the modification. The circumcision was the modification. Foreskin restoration is an un-modification. I am returning myself to what is normal and natural.

I’m not sure foreskin restoration is anywhere near the level of propaganda that is used to convince people to surgically alter their sons without consent.

Yes, so a childs feet or hands are as keratinized at just the same level as those of a 40 year old man. Makes perfect sense.

I’m not sure why you are being so snippy, or writing this off as something men shouldn’t consider as part of their treatment. Extremely close-minded.

Kind of makes me wonder what you said in your group meeting that got you cut off, because you are unpleasant in all 360-degrees. Maybe put those relaxing breathing exercises into use before getting into keyboard warrior mode.

Best of luck to you on your journey.

The OP is uncircumsized.