Anxiety, performance and PE

So I know I have some performance anxiety which causes me to either not get an erection or I can’t get hard enough for penetration. Even if I do get hard enough I either can’t ejaculate or I cum way too fast. Unfortunately it’s not very consistent and difficult to figure out how to fix it. This has led me to become fixated on penis enlargement or enhancement (PE). I can’t seem to kill the curiosity of being bigger to help improve the feeling for me and also my wife. I’ve told her about it and she isn’t a fan of the idea of me being bigger because she says I’m just right for her. I want to believe that and let it go but I just can’t get over the thought of what it would be like to be bigger and if it could help my anxiety and performance. Definitely a random question but has anyone else had success/experience with PE? Or are any of you already on the larger than average size and have success or issues with performance?