Another small success and growing hope

After my divorce I’ve been struggling with erection issues. I had a couple of failures with women in the bedroom, which was a huge hit to the ego, so I came here. At first I was struggling to get an erection even when masturbating. I could cum with porn, but I’d be half erect and only get really hard for a brief period right as I came. Tonight was the first time I got a really strong erection before even beginning to masturbate, and had some stamina while masturbaring. All without pornography. Sensate, breathing, and I think the kegal exercises have been helping. I’ve been taking the exercises and program here very serious. During my sensate session tonight, I found a really pleasurable spot near my balls, and with some massage was very hard before even staring to masturbate. I’m learning to connect to my body, maybe for the first time in my life. My confidence is still shaky, but better than it was a couple of weeks ago. I trust that by completing this program, my sex life will return, and with this new and developing relationship with my own body, I think it will be better than it’s ever been. Thanks for letting me share with Y’all and hope this gives someone some hope.


Happy you’re figuring yourself out! I’m only on day 5 of mojo and could already see a difference. I love the success stories or hearing how things are getting better for people. Sure, some of us may still be going through something, but knowing there’s a way out makes this a little easier! Appreciate you man and hope everyone has a good day and an ever brighter future!

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WooHoo! Thanks for sharing a ray of hope!