An injection worked great!

Tried injection therapy (Trimix} yesterday and it worked incredibly well. Hard in 10 mins and lasted for 3 hours. Very satisfying sex for me and my partner and no side effects whatsoever. Finally I feel back in the game!

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Awesome….never heard of that!
Is that an injection in the penis??

Yes injection in the penis. It’s not so bad…like acupuncture. Expensive but great. It’s like knowing you won’t have a problem at least 20 times. And hopefully will get me over whatever is psychologically holding me back.

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I have so many questions.
Does a doctor give you the injection? How long is it effective?
Is it painful?
Where, exactly, is it injected? Base of the penis???
This seems like a last resort but it IS an option. I guess.

Self injected, not painful (it’s in your head)
, starts working in 5-10 mins. Fool proof. Expensive. Worth it . I used Boston men’s health.

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When you say expensive, can you give me an idea of how much you’re talking?

I went through a company called Boston Men’s Health. Ultimately it was like $899 for 20 doses

I think there are cheaper alternatives