5/1 Zoom call participants

If anyone from the call today wants to stay connected, I wanted to start a thread where we might do so.

It was great to hear everyone that was being so proactive about their performance challenges and that we are only a positive experience away from breaking through and getting out of our heads. As well as our host that has complexity overcome his ED and that struggle improved his relationship.

A little about myself I had performance anxiety when loosing my virginity took about 3 attempts to get it up and then I was fine the rest of that relationship. My remaining sexual encounters existed of not being able to get it up drunk at university and then turned to being intoxicated and using ED medication.

After about a decade of that I had really no problems then I recently started to get serious with a girl I have been seeing for about 3 months and this is the first time I have had performance issues sober with medication all in all I struggled communicating and have been success getting it up 3 out of 5 sleep overs one of which I tried about a dozen times and could not get an erection it was crushing after leaving her place I cried the entire way home and this is when I joined mojo 10 days ago in my car. I have already learned a lot of am super optimistic having her over tonight for dinner and going to face the sexual encounter with all my new learned skills here. Very optimistic and positive and have been working on my head space. Encourage all y’all to just keep trying we are going to keep going until on the other side of this challenge is the best reward love. I know this struggle is difficult and I’m still anxious but we are going to look back on this challenge and realize it made us better because of it.

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