39 male, used to have or think about sex all the time, now zero libido for 2 months

Hi all.

39 yo, totally lost my libido. I noticed I went soft with a couple of hook ups, didn’t think much of it. Thinking back, deff lost interest in random hook ups over a few months. Then met an amazing potential partner and although was initially hard, couldn’t stay hard and have basically been unable to have sex. Partner super understanding. Viagra made no diff next time. Zero interest in porn. Jerked off twice but barely, wanted to see if it even worked still to be honest. Been no fapp for weeks apart from those test ones and doesn’t make much difference. Occasional morning wood but not often and no day time or random boners like I used to get.
Gone for T check but assume it’s fine.
I used to think about sex constantly and now not at all!
Anyone been through anything similar?

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50 year old make, if I’m honest spotted the lack of libido 10 years ago, but as I was living in a sexless marriage it didn’t concern me.

Now I’m single it’s a huge issue, struggling to make a connection between my brain and my penis, spent the past months doing pelvic floor exercises plus working out the gym to increase blood flow.

Last week I’ve seen a little bit of progress waking up with morning wood three mornings

Can’t sustain a erection during the day but hope progress continues

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I feel like you’ve explained my situation very well. I don’t know how i got here other than maybe i got over the random hook up stuff. I do feel broken by it… because i should still be able to enjoy a wank every now and then. I been thinking to get hormone levels checked but been trying everything else like eating better, hitting the gym more, lifting weights, etc.

38 male and very similar to my situation. Starting having random ED issues about 2 years ago with my wife and its snowballed into a persistent problem. We are trying to have a child - which I think has added to the anxiety around sex - and I havent been able to ejaculate inside of her for the past 8 months (whether its in the window or not). Have tried cialis but it didnt do anything. No libido or any interest in sex or masturbating and havent woken up hard in what feels like a year. Testosterone fine, very fit and healthy (eat well, gym 5 days a week). Super discouraging. First day on Mojo and hoping to find something that works here.

I have a pituitary tumor which messes with my testosterone levels. It’s always worth getting your levels checked in this situation. At 36 my test was lower than most 70 year old men. Getting on TRT restored my sex drive. I also take cialis and it will not help unless you’re in the mood so if your libido is the problem then erection meds won’t help.