18 and can’t even get hard with any girl

Last year, with me and my ex, I had no trouble at all getting hard and I would get hard even just hugging her. But now that we’ve been broken up for a while, every girl I’ve been with I haven’t been able to get hard at all. Whether we are kissing or doing more, nothing happens. This then leads me to not get erections for the next coming days. I also have been avoiding going further than just kissing or doing stuff for the girl because I know I won’t be hard or stay hard to even get to that point. I don’t understand and it sucks because I don’t even feel motivated to talk to girls because it all ends out the same.


I’m 19 and in the same boat. It sucks. It’s frustrating and confusing as hell. Before I started having issues all I did was talk to girls and have sex, but for whatever reason this problem started out of nowhere. I guess after completing the first couple phases I’m starting to realize what led to this getting so out of control. Constantly telling yourself you won’t be able to get hard will ensure that you won’t get hard. I’ve been completely avoiding hooking up with girls for the past year and am now realizing that was a big mistake. I ruined my confidence and am only realizing now that I need to rebuild that. Even if you need to lie to yourself do it. Just like how you told yourself over and over again you won’t be able to get hard. You can still do the exact same except this time telling yourself you can get hard and you can have sex. Really try and notice your inner critic. If your making a prediction about the future(having sex) and it’s a negative outlook that’s most likely your inner critic.