Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

To connect, to enjoy it, to have it be meaningful instead of something to check off the list

So I can enjoy the experience more

Training the mindfulness muscles will help me to keep spectating and therefore performance anxiety at bay

I want to be in the moment. I don’t want to be distracted by my thoughts. I want to be aware of them, but I don’t want them to take over.

I also want to be less goal oriented. I want to be able to let go.

I want to feel the passion of the moment and reward myself with pleasure rather than denying myself that hit

My motivation here is to be more tuned and sensitized to sensation in the body, to thoughts, and to feelings that I’m having. If I can be more aware of these, and less in the grip of my thoughts or feelings, I hope I can be more agile and skillful in choosing what the most honest and pleasurable response to a situation in bed is. For example, if something feels good, I would like to be able to enjoy that for longer and deeper without getting preoccupied about what comes next or whether it won’t last. I would like to be able to get in-preoccupied with failure, if that makes sense. I can fixate on the absence of pleasure. I also hope this will help me bring more presence and responsiveness to my partner.

So I can enjoy the sensations and experience instead of worrying and spectating

So I can finally cum bruh

I want to feel all the good feelings of being connected with another human being. I want them to feel how present I am in the moment and how nothing matters but the two of us. I want to be mindful so that the bond of our relationship can be strengthed even more through this deep connection.

Mindful so I can be present rather than zoning out or be in my head evaluating the situation.

I want to be in my body. Feel what touch is. Feel what union is. Feel what my body can make me feel. Be in the body, not in the mind.

My first thought was that I want to get out of my head, but I think focusing on what I don’t want is what I’ve done all along. So instead, I’ll say that I want to be so fully present with my partner that my fear of failure doesn’t have any room in my brain.

Being more mindful will help me defend against the possibility of performance anxiety gaining the upper hand during sex

I want to have control over my mind in sexual situations so I can keep performance anxiety at bay and enjoy sex more

If I choose to have sex, I want to be fully present and take in everything I can, since it can be a beautiful experience that life offers. Not the negative self talk loop and suffering that happened last time I tried to have sex where I couldn’t get hard because I was in my head. And I don’t want that to happen the rest of my life.

I want to feel present and continuous and let myself take the time I need to get the pleasure I deserve

I want to be more mindful because not being mindful has led to loss of arousal in the past. Even if I don’t lose my arousal, it’s difficult to enjoy sex sometimes; it almost feels like I’m working or exercising. My hope is that being more mindful will help alleviate that.

I want to be more mindful during sex to connect on a deeper level with my partner and to really enjoy and feel good about sex again

Because the joy of intimacy is sharing that moment. If you’re in your own head you cannot just exist in the moment

Mindfulness allows me to be more present instead of in my head.