Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

I want to be able to not put so much stock into performance and no longer let it affect me when I have enough night

I want to to be more mindful so that I can be more aware of the pleasure I am getting from sex instead of focusing solely on trying to give her pleasure. I know pleasure for her will come if I focus on mine and keep an erection, I just need to keep that realization in the moment.

I personally have a very big crush on this girl and the only thing that is rlly hold me back is my fear of not getting it up during sex. I hope mindfulness allows me to have and enjoy this experience and share it with her

I want to be more mindful during sex so that I’m less focused on making sure I get it up and more focused on actually enjoying myself and providing pleasure to my partner.

I want to be mindful so I am not focussing on whether my penis is hard or not and so that I can enjoy the pleasure without any other concerns

I want to be mindful so I can get out of my thoughts and imagination to climax and actually climax with the person in front of me

I’m not performing well like I use to I want to get back to where I was

So that sex is more about the connection, and not just something that I hope goes right.

I need and will be more mindful so I can enjoy myself and my encounter rather than just worrying about my performance

Just to relish all parts of the experience

I want to enjoy the moment and get out of my own head. Mindfulness has seemed to help me maintain an erection since I started using mojo.

To avoid being brought down by distracting thoughts and instead be more present in the physical experience.

I don’t want to enter the “doom loop” if I get a negative thought. I need a way to shut that down and think in a more positive way.

I want to get out of my head and specifically the thoughts about imperfections in my body , my partner’s body, and even the sex itself. The breathing exercises are starting to help me with that and I have gotten a taste of what it’s like to be in the moment and it’s awesome.

I want to be out of my head more and connecting with my partner in a more realistic way, rather than letting my imagination dictate feelings

To get out of my the cycle of worrying if I’m hard enougg

Be in the moment

I want to actually enjoy it, and to be able to express to my partner how I feel.

So I can get and stay hard

I want to be mindful so I can be more present in the moment and feel myself and my partner more. This way I enjoy every aspect of sex without the need for a rush.