Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

I have discussed it with several partners to alleviate stress for them but it doesn’t reduce mine

Uncomfortable at first when I didn’t know why it was happening. Clearly knew it wasn’t her but felt like I had to get into some pretty deep areas of vulnerability to really explain why. I see potential for it to turn into a growth in true intimacy for sure but it’s all pretty new to me realizing it’s a more frequent problem now than I was expecting. She’s super supportive though and honestly kind of a reminder of what real intimacy is about in my opinion versus a performance game. The hardest part is truly accepting why someone would want to deal with this shit as a partner but I also picture how I would respond if it was the other way around and I’d want to help her out and love her in any way I could and I’d wanna get even closer too so it’s not that surprising.

I used to not want to talk about the issues untik they actually happened. Once they happended i felt forced to discuss them and really did not want to. But after I did discuss the issues, then I realized how helpful it was in solving the issues for the most part.

It’s never easy

stable, already discusses my concerns

I am in a stable long term relationship. I have already talked about it and my wife took it very well.


Logically the best idea, but I do feel that it’s risky.

I feel fine, but she is not very comfortable speaking about sex.

Last partner I had, it was the first time I had ever had it happen. When it happened she took it personally. Told her it had never happened before and that it may just be that I was in my head. After she blew up about saying I have an issue. That’s where it all fell apart. Started panicking, not seeking sex. Just lost all desire. But I know now if someone reacts like that, you’re better off without them

I think it’s difficult. Me and my partner have been able to have sex everyday for multiple times a day during a couple of years, but now I would like for us to be more “creative” because I admit it, I feel that the sex we do it’s a bit boring, always the same.

Better to be honest and open

Something I should have started doing a long time ago. I know for a fact this will relieve SO much pressure from here on out.

I was open about it from the beginning, and generally feel open, but sometimes have felt shut down when I have tried to suggest root causes of the issue.

I don’t enjoy talking about it, especially if it has just happened. But, if I voice my concerns of getting and keeping an erection before getting intimate, this sets the expectations much lower, keeps the pressure off, and I usually end up getting an erection no problem

I feel just fine

I want to start a relationship and have avoided them for years for this particular reason, if I tell them they get uninterested and tell everyone about it, it’s tough out here fellas!

I feel quite open with my partner about the erection issues. I don’t really see the point of hiding it as it physically cannot be hidden. Might as well own up to it and find a potential solution together.