Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

In the past I have tended to talk about my frustration after the fact. I really think talking about it beforehand will take expectations out of the way and allow us to enjoy what may come ( no pun intended). I will definitely talk to my wife using the “I”, next time

My partner gets upset if I have an issue and takes it personally.

I have before in several occasions. Sometimes it really helps take the pressure off and things end up working smoothly. Sometimes the problem persists. The outcome of communicating has been kind of random for me but I do see the bebedores of opening up. It can be very awkward though with casual sex encounters where you both are just looking for some quick fun

I’m reluctant but I think with the right person I would be comfortable to mention it.

Ok with it

A girl I dated last week actually said that she very often doesn’t have sex with someone that she shares a bed with for the first time.
Knowing this really took the pressure off for me and I was so much more relaxed with her.
I think it would be good to try planting this myself with future partners.

I feel good about it. I’ve actually had that conversation with partners in the past, and each time it was a positive experience and I’m glad that I opened up about it.

I obviously don’t like that I have the problem to begin with…

But my wife is pretty on board with hearing about my issue and quite understanding in general. She sorta kinda gets it… And since I started Mojo - she’s on board with a majority of the couple excrcises etc.

That helps alot.

I’ve discussed it and at first it didn’t seem to help but now I’m comfortable talking about it and it’s helped me overcome some issues in

Not talking about it and hiding it defiantly leads to worst, talking about is much better, the sooner the better.

I feel comfortable talking about it with my wife. But that is building on years of tackling difficult conversations, it’s not easy bringing something up for the first time, or talking about something challenging.

She don’t have any problem with it

Better now

I’ve been good recently about resetting expectations in a playful way. She knows I like to use toys on her, watch her use toys, etc, so I know she will get pleasure no matter how my nerves might act up. I’ve been feeling much more relaxed when it’s time to have sex and I keep us simmering constantly, so my anxiety about it is mostly gone now.

I have in the past, but not like this. This feels empowering and an ice breaker.

We have been discussing it. I’m married for 13 years and have two children. I definitely feel I have intimacy problems, maybe from a lack of confidence, and have trouble talking about this with my wife. She definitely keeps the conversation going, and knowing that she is trying to help me be more confident and get out of my own head is helpful. It has helped me to approach sex with a different mindset. Even the other night, she asked if I just wanted to spoon even after my erection disappeared. And so we did, laying naked in each others arms together and salvaging the evening.

Nervous. I think I am frightened of pity more than anything else?

It seems a little scary, but that’s part of the problem. I can see how taking ownership, giving the advance warning, and saying I still want to be intimate can help.

I am open to it but I think I would need to trust the girl first and be sure that I really enjoy being with her

It was tough to start that conversation but I’ve found my girlfriend of 2 years to be very understanding. We didn’t talk long about it but I felt a weight was lifted off me afterwards.