Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

It was hard at first. But the more we talked about it, and I owned my journey, the easier it became.

I feel really good about it and it helps a lot.

I was honest with her about my erection issues, and I know she is patiently waiting for me to figure it out. I do get the feeling though that she does not want to play a role in me figuring out what she sees as a problem with myself. I’m struggling with how to reinitiate intimacy after a few months since my last failed attempt.

I find it helps immensely to reduce shame and pressure, ultimately making erections less of an issue

Increasingly comfortable

Sometimes is difficult, but working on it!

Fine, she knows the issues and is along for the Mojo journey to help.

It makes me feel powerless but I do it anyway to be as grown up and pragmatic as possible.

I have gotten much better at it. Light years better actually.

Dating a wonderful woman. But when I don’t get up it gets difficult and strains the relationship. She has past trauma and can’t take me not getting hard personal like she’s the cause and it’s hurting me at the relationship