What was your experience of wax and wane like?

Was surprised I could do it without my pills, giving me confidence that the pills need is a psychological addiction that I can overcome with some work.

Definitely easy enough to attempt.

I did this sometimes when I was younger. Didn’t knew it was actually a technique then, but I say it works since getting soft never has worried me. My problem is I cum too fast once it go in :frowning:

I got erect the first time easy but wasn’t able to fête IT Up the two other Time i guess with Practice i Will hey the hang of hit

I did it thrice but was a bit hard not cum afterwards. However, it felt nice when I could get mind off that and actually avoided it.

Definitely gave me confidence. Helped me understand the process of erections and how I have to be more patient. I learn more about myself everyday with these courses. NOT ONLY IN REGARDS TO SEX. BUT EVERYDAY LIFE ALSO. I’m a day dreamer by default. So all these courses and exercises help me in my sex life and out. Wax and Wayne is something I’ll be doing more often for sure.

Made me feel sad to see it go down after being hard, but then relieved that I could make it hard again!

After not quite getting as hard as possible and waning the first time I had trouble getting it to come back. But I realized I was spectatoring and started to focus more on touch, sensation and fantasizing. Every time after getting it to wax again was easier and I was so horny by the end I couldn’t help but bring myself to climax. Felt good and like I am making real progress.

was difficult for me to get fully erect… managed semi-erect 2x during the allotted 20min
found myself thinking about why i couldn’t get it going instead of focusing on the fantasy in my head and the stimulation of my penis
i can definitely see how this would help w confidence if i am able to reach full erection 3x during the exercise… will keep trying

No good, can’t get hard masturbating, this situation is terrible

Awesome haven’t seen that type of control in along time. the 3rd time it got really hard and didn’t not want to go down at all. I’m not going to orgasm because I want to give it to wife now! Think I might have to go pick up a teacher around lunch!

Going down during foreplay is exactly what triggers my performance anxiety. Getting comfortable with gaining and losing an erection and seeing its perfectly normal will hopefully really help. I’m cautiously confident this will be beneficial.

Great, seems like good climax control practice too. I just played with my wang for 20 mins, awesome

Excellent and super easy. Basically like edging which I am used to. I was a bit concerned that I won’t be able to translate it to the moment with a partner but I think just knowing that it’s ok if my erection goes away during a sexual encounter because it is totally possible to get it back again, my body isn’t in the way it’s my mind which I am of course also working on with mojo.