What was your experience of wax and wane like?

I thought the exercise went well. At first I focused on the sensations and after I was hard, and stopped, I could focus on the feeling of my penis getting softer, and thinking- this is ok. The second and third time went better. It seems to take that pressure off of staying hard.

I was surprised at how well it went. It makes me think most of this stuff is in my head and i’m not actually broken (or at least broken beyond repair)

Easier than I thought.

I really enjoyed it and I really see how this could work during real life intimacy sessions and it allowed me to be more comfortable with the time it takes to get directions and lose erections and not needing to worry that it needs to happen all at once. And that in fact that longer could be b, be taken take a longer time.

Couldn’t get fully hard, will keep trying but certainly a bit frustrating

Really good and exciting

Empowering. I can get erections, it’s really just about being able to get back into the place where they come back. Or letting it go x

Took a while to get hard the first time. Was trying to combine with exploring my body with the hand that wasn’t playing with my penis. After the first erection, subsequent ones were easier to achieve

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It’s hard masturbating without porn and just fantasy and memories. But I want to make it more of a habit. Also I liked the waning phase because I was able to reset my arousal and work back up to an erection

Awkward the first go but each time I got it up during the session the easier and empowered I felt.

It was similar to some edging techniques I’d tried before. Doing it without porn and after a sensate session really made me aware of the changes in my penis. The shorter waxing period each time, and the building arousal in my body even as my penis waned.

Actually quite enjoyable and confidence boosting. I focused on fantasies that involved my partner, rather than relying on the images of other women that porn inevitably presents. It was reassuring that I could get hard repeatedly. I think this is definitely something that I will be doing on a regular basis. And it’s something that I can involve my partner in when the time comes.

Well , I couldn’t get as hard as I’d want, so the wax part is still pretty poor. The wane is easy. Whatever little erection I have, goes down immediately after I stop jacking.

I can see how it can help.

Ok ok