What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

Me kissing a random lady at a swing club and just cupping her mound, until she becomes wet.

She’s straddling my leg as the dim light dances across her body highlighting the delicate curves and toned muscles. She leans in for a kiss and grabs my erection. She slowly strokes it as she grinds against my leg.

The girl I fancy in class rubbing my dick through my trousers then the lecturer turns off the lights and she straddles me and grinds on me

Eating my wife’s ass

Being dragged to the sofa and watching the woman remove her tights…a signal that she wants sex.

In our hotel room, she stops me in front of the mirror and goes down on me. I watch her backside in the mirror and tell her to take her jacket off. She removes everything but the dress and gets back on her knees. She unbuttons my belt and reaches into my pants to pull out my cock, and she puts on her mouth and starts to suck. After I’m good and hard I pull her up by the hair, gently and move her to the bed stomach down. I pull up her dress and pull down her black panties….

Dominating a petite Asian chick wearing tiny black lingerie. I rip it off her with my teeth then throw her around a bit and slam into her.

My fantasy is some of the old girlfriends/hookups I had in college and still talk to as friends leaving their current SO to “dip their toes back in the pond” with me.

Having my wife go down on me and begging for more

Fucking a African chic with braids walking naked on the beach

A blonde girl in a train in a tiny jean short bending over to lookout for something in the ground

A girl that I saw in yoga class. I liked her ass and legs when she was bending down.

A girl in yoga class. I liked her ass and legs when she was bending down.

Jacuzzi with old friend touching her and making out and imagining what could have been after that.

Me grinding on top of a girl I like while she is sitting in an office chair in her room, filled with blue and purple neon lights.

Partners butt

Let your imagination run wild

One of my daughter’s college friends, who is a petite blonde, wearing a white button-down blouse and plaid skirt, schoolgirl style. She puts her arms around my neck, looks deep into my eyes and whispers “I LOVE you.” Then she kisses me deeply and me begin making out passionately. All the while I’m thinking “Oh my God, this is so wrong! But I can’t help myself!”

I should add that I actually DREAMED this a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always found this girl attractive, but never really constructed fantasies about her because it seemed really wrong. The fact that it was a dream made it VERY real in sensory terms. I could smell her, feel her and taste her. It actually startled me awake (damn) and I had a raging hard-on.

Current fantasy replay was when an ex would get off straddling my cock after she came, and would suck me off while I was rock hard until I came in her mouth and she swallowed.