What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

The experience of raw emotions by both parties. Giving and receiving pleasure without judgment or inhibition

Something pleasurable that can be hard to obtain and is supposed to be used for populating.

something totally enjoyable, that I’m comfortable with and don’t worry about

Consensual, passionate fun

Being an object of desire, enjoyment without expectation

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An exchange of intense, judgment free pleasure as an act of love

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Free pleasure without expectation! enjoy whatever it comes …

I can breathe in it. It’s not just instant hardcore fucking for hours. I want fun sex, easy sex, with no pressure and just enjoyment

Being desired and having her initiate sex without rushing through it or having it feel like a chore.

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It has to be like playing a game that you really enjoy playing or eating your favorite food.
Something you can’t wait anymore.

Hanging out with queer folks has taught me that penetration is only one facet of sex; there are so many other ways to excite your partner and leave a memorable impression.


Naked fun. It’s hard not to just think erection and penetration, but I’m discovering sex can be more.

Being accepted, trusted, wanted…

Exciting, imaginative

Being as one with my partner. Through this course I have become aware of the benefits of taking it slowly and enjoying the buildup to intercourse. It’s helped me understand what I enjoy and to ask for it!

Showing her that she’s incredible and that we both deserve to feel good

An extremely strong emotional connection, being completely all over each other, body’s entwined, eye contact touching everywhere for ages while taking it slow without any expectations or judgment whatsoever. That would be incredible but sadly after so many failures throughout the years my fiance has lost patience for this.

In my case something special between me and my wife.

Sharing a private moment with someone you lust for and giving into the thought of sharing your bodies fully with one another, exploring each other, feeling good and making them also feel good at the same time

To enjoy sex and not worry how my wife is feeling and has she orgasmed yet.