What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

Intimate and a time for pleasure. It can also be a bonding experience that brings couples closer

Since starting Mojo I’ve found that sex to me is lots of things. Being desired. Having time and getting lost in time just touching, feeling, tasting: filling up my senses with her body and my own. Definitely playing with each other, having fun and not taking it too seriously. I guess also I like to feel that I have her time and attention, and that there no rush to having an orgasm and we can take our time. I realise I like to ask for things I enjoy but in practice that doesn’t feel as natural as it used to - this is perhaps a mirror of our relationship outside the bedroom. I love to pay her attention during sex but when she starts to touch me I put lots of pressure on myself because my script says that I should get hard and really enjoy it straight away, without talking about what I want in that moment.

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Since starting Mojo, I’ve gained a much more in depth view of sexual interactions. There are a lot of things I could say I feel would define sex because of this. Firstly, I think the most important and notable part of sex, is the time spent with the other person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be though of as “romantic” or “special time”; it doesn’t even have to be with a romantic partner, it can be a friend, co worker, hook up, or partner. The point is that you are there, clothed or unclothed, existing with this other person and touching the other in a way to make them feel good, being present during that moment and no where else except right there is very important to me. Adjacent to this, I think the desire to give pleasure to the other is important as well. Again, it does not have to be because you are madly in love or anything, its just the concept of wanting to make the other feel nice whether that is through orgasm, caressing, cuddling, or even non penetrating sex. Becoming a bit more personal, I think sex is much more fun with a more dominating or submissive individual. Someone who is more “confident” and appears to know what they want to do with you and will do it (with consent) is incredibly attractive. The general idea is being able to freely explore your kinks and the others kinks, preferably to the absolutely fullest potential, with the ultimate idea being that you and the other are able to consensually, but freely use each other to feel good together.

I define sex as physically connecting with someone

I like to be dominant, have control over the situation, be desired, and see how they enjoy and fall into ecstasy. I like my partners submissive.

Finding you things that excite u

Taking my wife and throwing her around like a doll.

I know what I’d like it to be but I dont necessarily think that my wife would agree. I think it’s a mutual exploration if each others bodies, losing inhibitions together and making each other cum.

Getting close and personal. Telling them how much I want them and how hot their body is. While I listen to them tell me the same. I want them to feel accepted and admired and I want to feel accepted and admired. I want to take the lead, what I do, they follow. Doing whatever it takes to make my partner reach their sexual ecstasy.

When the kissing, cuddling, and foreplay allows me to earn my erection & earn my way into his body. Then I want to know everything I am doing with my dick is giving him pleasure.

I would say sex is connecting physically with your partner on a deep and vulnerable level.

Sex is a kinky scene to play, where i m the dominant and the woman wants to be a submissive prey…