What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

Being confident and relaxed, cracking jokes while still being kinda predatorish

I want to be connected. Enough to be lost in the moment and not in the act.

sex is an expression of the emotion i am feeling towards a person

Sex for me is how confortable I feel with that person and the trust behind that.

I want to fuck my partner really hard, seeing the pleasure on her face, and getting pleasure in return. Other times I want it to be slow and caring, having fun and laughing together.


Pleasing her

I want the quickie, the anytime any place sex, forced sex(not rape more role play) and loving passionate sex as well.

I want to treat her body like my own personal playground.

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Epic pleasure and fun

To Penetrate her mind body & soul. For me and her to feel deep pleasure and to procreate.
And sometimes fuck her til she’s numb & exhausted

I already live by expanded definitions of sex. I already do a lot of cuddling, I have explored dominant sides of myself. I got a bit inspired by “being the object of desire” and “feeling completely accepted”. Maybe I could try those as well, though I am unsure how…

owning the moment and in charge making my partner feel good telling me more

I want to be wanted. I need the feeling of being desired. Not having to initiate sex all the time,

Mutual enjoyment

My answer is to be married and enjoy a lifetime of friendship with me person, and face the ups and downs of life together and when we have sex, we are there to enjoy one another and have fun and each reach that pleasurable moment together because we want to serve each other. She knows inside that I am hers and there to pleasure and enjoy her like mother ever will. That is what I want……it’s just that she puts too much performance pressure on me. Makes it all about her satisfaction and not ours

For me to feel that I’m good enough

Being the best (hearing appreciation), being in control (feeling connection at all points of the body), being powerful (seeing the effect and reaction)

The physical representation of the connection I have with my girlfriend and a means to grow and expand and deepen that connection through pleasure and emotional and physical contact

Being close with my wife and give her an orgasm before any penetration takes place

Intimacy with my partner, which has got better over the last few weeks.