What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

As a gay person I like to do more things in sex than penetration and many times I rather intimacy

something sacred and something only we share cus it’s good on both ends

Wish there wasn’t pressure to be super hard and impressive in bed. Like to be playful and have fun

Just to have fun and enjoy the partner, not be worried about performing and being super hard

An awesome workout that lets me connect deeper woth my partner

A perfect openness, freedom and connection.

Sex is achieving a deeper connection with your partner and should be fun and exciting.

Making your partner feel amazing and desired.

I love sex when I feel like it. Usually the more I fuck the more I want to have sex.
Sometimes I just want to play around and get hard a little bit and then let off.
Also, I like to tell my woman what to do! Sometimes it’s predatory and passionate, sometimes it’s slow and cuddly.

Sex is a pleasure, a satisfaction? A fulfilment which is enjoyed by partner

Sex is a physical representation of the attraction two people share with one another. This desire is increased by being comfortable and intimate and letting loose in the bedroom. Sex is more pleasurable when each person gets to explore their kinks

Sex is an intimate dance between two partners

Sex is a way of sharing intimacy with someone special and growing closer to them emotionally and physically.

I like the intimacy of it, it doesn’t have to be fucking. It’s sex if there’s genital contact and intimacy really

Pleasure, connection, deep trust, and support

The impression i get from my wife is that sex is “supposed” to be serious, preplanned, ritualistic, clinical and “I” should know what to do without reading, watching or learning what to do…
I think sex should be light-hearted, curious, informal and learning should be done not only together but separately and then surprise each other with something new.

A deep, mutual love & desire for each other

Taking an already felt connection and building on it. Communicating how each partner wants to enjoy the other/the moment together.

Generally involves genital contact, could be skin to skin or through clothes, but not necessarily to orgasm. A physically intimate and sexual connection.

Doesn’t have to always include penetration.