What is your inner coach like?

Critic: “It’s not going to happen tonight.”

Coach: “It will if you just take your hands off of the controls!”

Critic: “But I’m protecting him.”

Coach: “He doesn’t need protecting! He’s perfectly capable of doing his thing without your help.”

Inner coach just said cmon, you got this dog.

My inner coach is warm, nice, cool. telling me just to relax and not spectate to be in the moment. my inner critic is like something who says are you going to get hard? and encourages you to just be attached and spectate the outcome rather than being in the moment

My inner critic was a weak aspect of myself that I despise. A cowardly weak version of myself whereas the inner coach was a well dressed confident idealised version of myself. At first I kind of felt like I was faking feeling like the inner coach was helping but then it actually did feel like I was gaining confidence almost like I was faking it until I made it.

My coach is like Mufasa from the lion king with voice of me when I’m in a good, confident mood and argues with logic and care with my faceless stylish ghost like inner critic whom has nothing in himself but nothingness.

It’s was nice, my inner critic said he ain’t getting it up just like all the other times. My inner coach said stfu he’s gonna give it to her tonight.

My inner coach was like my personal trainer, reminding me I can do it, and shooting down my inner critic. My inner coach and critic argued their points, back and forth, but my inner coach reminded me of all my previous successes he made me realize that I have the full capability to accomplish what I’m here for, and the inner critic is distracting me and and getting in the way.

Critic said that because I usually am not hard, I won’t be again, and reminded me that I would most likely do it wrong.

My coach said,”She loves you for you, she is not going anywhere and that both coach and critic are only voices that have no true power. You can do what you choose to do.”

My inner critic is constantly telling me I will fail, and weighs my heart and groin down with sadness at the thought of failure. It’s almost like it’s enjoying being miserable. My inner coach is my own voice, being confident and funny, encouraging me like a hand across my shoulders. Reminding me of all the successes I ignore and forget about, all the good times I have had that should count. Makes me feel warmer, and a little less heavier in the heart.

My inner critic - you won’t be able to keep it up you’re bad at sex

My inner coach - this is about fun. You can keep it up and just enjoy the sensations

The inner critic is my elderly mother using bitterness and perfection is a cudgel. My coach is myself, finally talking to myself with the acceptance I offer others.

Critic: caused an anxious tingling to appear throughout my upper body. Told me “you didn’t get it up last time, so what makes you think you will next time?”

Coach: caused a warm but confident, almost powerful sensation to appear alongside the anxious tingling in my upper body. This softened the negative sensations, almost like how adding lemonade to tea softens the bitterness and adds new dimensions to it. The coach said to the critic “yes he will get it up, because he has countless times before, and because he really likes this girl. One data point means nothing, he was just nervous.”

It was my cat. He was very logical and provided examples for how the critic has been wrong in the past and how recently he has been shown to be wrong as well.

The critic was a mean bunny. Oddly enough.

My inner coach is Ted Lasso. I couldn’t make it anyone else, even if I tried. :laughing:

Maybe you shouldn’t “try” tonight. Maybe you should wait until tomorrow. My inner critic makes me doubt myself and gives me a feeling of dread and my heart beat feels heavier. My inner coach says get out of here we dont need you. Take a walk

My inner coach was me dressed as a bad ass 80s gym teacher with cool glasses, shorts, and a great body and confidence. He blew the whistle at my inner critic and stood up for me. When my inner critic said I didn’t belong or i couldn’t get it up, my coach said yes he does and yes he will. He had my back and touched my shoulders. I even started to see another figure that was the coach for my coach and they became a powerful duo.

My inner critic is me, as is my inner coach but my coach is me at my most confident and prideful. They are both in a boxing ring, looking at me. The inner critic gives his point and delivers it with a punch to my inner coach- with no effect! My inner coach responds with a disregard of the comment and a punch that cause my inner critic to stumble back…. Sorry inner critic

I am not shitting you. I am not trying to make fun of this exercise I am being genuine. I have somehow managed to make my Inner Coach Duckman from the weird 90’s adult animation show, and my inner critic is the weird kid from Disney’s: Teachers Pet.

It doesn’t Exist, I’ve gotten hard thousands of times, whether it’d be myself or with a partner, I don’t have to rush getting hard. My inner coach is by my side showing me I can feel my body and stay out of my mind. Confidence comes from him… the inner coach. I can enjoy sex and everything leading to it with him talking by my side reminding me your Ed the first time you have sex with a new partner is fake, cause once you get it over with, you can do it again with no problems or thoughts, she accepts you and likes you, and thinks your hot, and I know I am…

My inner critic was just a quiet voice reminding me that I might not get a good erection next time I have sex… but the inner coach (who I imagined as Giga Chad with a big confident smile on his face) came in with a strong, but soft voice saying, “Yeah, but you might also get a wicked rock hard erection too. Remember last time, dude? You and her sure do.” :wink:

He was A LOT more helpful than the critic, haha.