What is your inner coach like?

My inner coach is confident me. Who makes people smile and laugh, and is caring.
My inner critic is the anxious me, who recoils and says negative things out of spite.
My inner critic tries to remind me of past failures in order to make him feel better. But my inner coach is more confident and witty and can easily shut him down. My inner coach is positive and believes in me.

My inner coach was king Kong and he pounded the ground and scared my inner critic. He put him in his place. My inner critic was saying that I wouldn’t be able to get it up next time I have company over and my coach told him he was wrong but he didn’t yell, he just sounded powerful and confident. It was amazing. The power i felt throughout my body was incredible.

They are both beings of light, critic dark and coach white, the critic tells me the reasons I should worry and try to avoid and the coach reminds me that all I need is to be grateful and stop restricting my love during sex.

My inner coach was uplifting and reminding me that most of my worries are in my head. My inner critic would bring up past times where i had an issue but my inner coach would tell me that at the end of the day, we ended up working through it and having sex

The inner critic is a black sludge, anxiety, the inner church a orb of warm light, calm.

The inner critic would say things like “it’s not going to work” or “it will be awkward and embarrassing”. But then the inner coach came back with “but you know you’re working on it and making progress”, or “it will get easier each time”. It’s just clicked how much the inner critic voice is there, not only in the moment but always in the background, even when I’m just thinking about sex.

My inner critic says, “if you’re having fun, you’re probably screwing something up”. And it says sentences like, “Don’t do that”, “you haven’t earned that”, “what the hell are you thinking?”

My inner coach is a bit like a dolphin, joyously jumping in the waves. Carefree, at peace, and having an abundance of fun.

My coach is a firm, supportive voice like a sports coach. He reminds me what a stud I am and how I’ve been keeping my body in a healthy state for years. He tells me inner critic what an idiot he is for his opinions and his points. He pumps me up like a football coach would his players and makes me feel like I can do anything.

My inner critic said, “you;re not hard, she can tell. She’s disappointed in you.”
My inner coach said, “sex is about more than just these 5 minutes. Relax.”

Inner critic is Sophia
Coach is Edwin the Husband

My inner critic is a small version of me and he is insecure and always worrying about the next sexual encounter even if he knows its days away. He’s latching onto and telling me going soft is going to happen again even though my wife is smoking hot and will be wearing underwear I like. And thats where my coach comes in and he’s got his arm around me telling him to leave and telling me it doesn’t happen all the time and only does when I let the inner critic do his worst. And even if it does go soft I can still please my wife and in doing so will relax me and the erection will happen.

My inner critic feels manipulative and it feels like it’s gaslighting me, but my inner coach is the softer side being kind and letting me know everything will be ok in the long run.

The inner coach was negative, pointing out my flaws and felt like a pit in my stomach. The coach showed up with confidence, tingling sensation throughout my body and clear positivity. “You’re a rockstar”.

Your not going to get hard enough “

My inner critic causes an intence anxiety and stress in my chest and stomach altgough on the outside i may look calm, critic just knows things will go wrong. And makes sure they do, satisfied they do like its an objective completed, and this is the way things should be and the norm.

My inner coach fills this anxiety with a warm calm and loving glow assuring me things will be ok telling me to feel this positivity.

This was a really useful excersise for me, i never recognised how the inner critic fills my body with this tension. I just thought it was a voice before.
Now i can practice on listening to the coach and combating this feeling and make the inner critic much less powerful. Best excersise yet for me.

My inner critic makes me look at sex or any sex event as a test to see if i can get it up. During sex it makes stare amd study as a spectator, and when i do he tell me that im not turned on. So he makes me lose focus.
My inner coach tells the critic to shut up, and stop making me look at the sex event as a test to see if i can get up. He tell me that inner critic diguises himself to make me believe my negative thoughts.

Critic is a small version of myself with a big head. The coach is almost the same with a old school visor on. He’s telling me how success I’ve had in the past and how it’s gonna catapult me towards success in the bedroom

my inner coach is actually a fine woman from my past telling me how big i am and how much i satisfy her. my inner critic is myself telling me all the negative things that i’ve experienced and things that aren’t true to make me question myself and therefore lose my erection. but my inner coach is saying “don’t listen to him” in a variety of ways

My inner coach is a Kevin hart type character… joking at the expense of the critic and telling me I can do it

It’s hard to silence the inner critic, to be able to hear the inner coach over the critic’s yelling.
The coach is still a soft voice, trying to say that yes, things happened that way, but that’s not you, that’s not how it will always be and we can do better. We can beat this even if it takes time.