What is your inner coach like?

My inner critic says, look shes not liking it. Might as well give up then the softness happens. My coach says, look how she’s moving look at her breathing her thrusting. Shes very turned on

A defender. Someone with facts and evidence. A good friend who has my back.

He defended me and encouraged me. It was great

My inner critic, "you will not get a boner.
My inner coach, "you will when you want to.
My inner critic, “what if you dont. She wont be happy”
My inner coach, “you will use every other way to pleasure her”

My inner coach is my best mate who believes in me. He told the inner critic (a troll) to back off and let me do what I’m capable of. The inner critic argued with ‘he’s bound to lose his erection’ and the inner coach replied with ‘just enjoy it, if you lose it then at least you’re having fun’

My coach is me but relaxed, wearing my favorite jacket lol. He looks cool, feels at ease

My inner critic is the meme Scumbag Steve, belittling everything. My inner coach or inner helper is Mercy from Overwatch, who can either heal me or boost me up.

critic: “your thoughtfulness is your downfall”
coach: “the thoughtfulness was great until the critic showed up”

I must say, I cannot find my inner coach. As if I didn’t want to find him, that I felt complacent in this bad feeling. I simply dismiss anything the inner coach says by saying it’s bullshit.
This goes beyond sexual anxiety

He is the wittiest and “cockiest” version of myself. While the inner critic wants to point to times I wasn’t able to stay hard long enough for either party to come, the inner coach simply says “look at all these repeat customers I’ve had, all these women wanted my dick again and again.” The inner coach wants to point to the highlight reel, not the blooper real as the inner critic does.

The critic said “he can’t do this”. The coach says “he can do this and he will, you’ve had your turn, he’s not yours to control any more”.

My inner coach has a deep, smooth, southern tone. He speaks assertively, but with a strong sense of compassion behind the words. I hope to make my inner coach much, much louder internally with practice. While, it’s an assertive voice, it feels a bit weak …almost as if it’s slightly convincing itself

Boy did I cry from relief from having met my coach…

The critic was a shifting shadow, with a face, something I couldn’t grasp or deny, there’s always a shadow somewhere…

My coach just came, it was M**fing Solaire who told me I was the sun, I don’t need to fight the critic, just shine him out of the way without worry, I am the light source in this room, and let me enjoy was the light shone on, that being the room and the moment where I was…

Man that was cheesy and epic at the same time, I love my inner coach, praise the sun!

My inner coach is the man bro. He was relentless. Critic could not touch him. Did nothing to phase him. Critic was trying to act like I couldn’t get it up or get it to stay hard. Coach came through and was like bro just relax and YOU enjoy this moment. This is for YOU to enjoy. Stay in this moment and look at that beauty just aching for you to stick it in her. Critic - nah man. You gonna go soft. Coach - listening to him isn’t gonna get you anywhere. Take this all in. Enjoy the smell of sex in the air. The taste of juicy lips. The feeling of wet pu**y. Them moans. Yo coach was doing it. Losing the erection ain’t gonna be an issue with coach in there. Positive affirmations makes a world of difference. Amazing.

My coach is not rah rah but softly encouraging. Telling me to let go of fear and worry. Undermining the critics words with the compassionate fact that I am loved and it’s ok to simply let go and enjoy the moment! Robin Williams I think May make a good coach!

My inner coach is a tall wise oak with a deep calming voice. My inner critic is a nervous, manic man. The coach just knows that nothing the nervous man says is as bad as he makes it out to be

The coach is physically assaulting the critic. I’m not sure if that is a good thing.

My inner coach is Johnson from peep show, firm and encouraging guy

My inner critic is a Crowe and my inner coach is Terry Crews. Pooweeeeeeeer. They are both part of me. My inner critic is not bad but wants to over protect me but this is affecting my sex life. My inner coach wants me to live life to the fullest.

My inner coach is me at my most confident: trim, dressed in sportswear and ready for a 10k run. He put my inner critic back in his box, saying I have a been listening to him far too much lately and gave some killers arguments, to which my inner critic had no comeback. I will.ne dialling up and inviting the inner coach out far more often…

Critic is a stressed voice that says you have to work and get it hard otherwise you wont get over this problem every or this woman will run away because i dont work and i am mental ill and not stable… The inner critiv says, wait from the past you know it works if you really trust that lady und you never had a problem with a lady you love or shows you that she likes/trust you. Do what you want and not what others want from you and choose someone who really loves you and gives you a good feel. Coach is myself but with an other trustful an male voice