What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

I feel like I got the hang of it. But I’m not sure if I can use them in the setting.

This will work.

I’m not totally sure which side I am on on the top right or too weak issue. In the video she said it’s important to get it right but then I’m not sure how to know.

Felt great

Good. Will create a habit

I have a strong pelvis. I enjoy stretching and working out.

I know from these exercises my issues are in my mind.

Still finding it hard to identify if my pelvic floor is too tight, or too loose

Was interesting- the hold especially was difficult so looking forward to seeing how it strengthens over time. Also curious to see how this might be applied during sex (if at all)

I felt it all and I felt more in control by thr end of thr practice than at rhe beginning

Good, too much info at the moment though

Never really done pelvic floor exercises before but I do yoga so have probably been doing some work to to strengthen and stretch it.

Interested to see how it develops. I can definitely see that I have more conscious control over it now.

I’d be interested to know how it works during intercourse? Should I be relaxing it? Or contracting? Or some of both?

It would be great if Mojo wrote down everything we’re meant to be doing daily, 3x/week, 2x/week, whatever in one place. That way, we had a checklist of everything we needed to do each day to stay on track. Right now, I just have it all in a notebook.

Regarding the exercises, I noticed how tense I got all over when I tried to do these–anyone else notice that? Toes got tense, abs as well.

Need a better explanation or reminder about to lift pelvic floor.
Think the video was quite rushed

I knew about these exercises and other variations of Kegel. However, these exercises are awesome and now I am committed to doing them.

Just here, ready to give it a shot. Why not

Definitely if I feel like I could cum I’d try and use this technique to try and hold off ejaculation. I’m going to keep working on this to see if all I can hold my ejaculations.

I’ve done this exercise in the past (pre-ED) and it really does help stamina and performance, guys. But that was years ago and I’ve really let myself go. MY personal problem is, it’s always been very difficult for me to separate my breathing from the clenches. If I’m inhaling at the same time as the clench, it feels like the clench is relaxing itself when I exhale, like not being able to move the ring finger without also moving the pinkie. Really weird. How do I differentiate those muscles?

I’ve used these muscles to make my dick dance at times, but didn’t realize they were so important to maintaining an erection! And I’ve never purposefully targeted them with exercises. Got a very pleasant tired muscle feel from these exercises!

I feel I’m strong enough in my pelvic muscles but they could be more flexible and I must relax. I’ll bear that in mind and factor it into my yoga programme so it’s not too much of a change

I would love to know how you know if they are working. I think this is great and plan on doing these every day. I am just curious to know if I will feel a difference or how it will feel different as I continue this routinely.