What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

I can’t tell if I’m doing it right.
Is it just easy, meaning my pelvic floor is strong enough?
Or am I not doing it properly and that’s why it feels easy?

Worth a shot

i have been doing it for a few months now but more often lately


Tbh I get a bit confused as to whether I am doing the pelvic exercises right and if there was a way to measure

By the end of them I felt
Like I was actually getting some control over them and doing it right


I feel very unconfortable doing those, i really don’t know why though. It makes a me a bit anxious

These were helpful, as many are exercises I’ve done before, but now I know how they are directly contributing to my pelvic floor.

Going to make a point to do this daily

New to me, found that I have a very tight pelvic floor and need to learn to loosen it. This is a surprise as I do Yoga 3 times a week. Then it wasn’t a surprise because I focus a LOT on my abs and core which puts a lot of pull on the pelvic floor. I also suffer from noassatall so time to work glutes and pelvic floor too!

Challenging and confusing

Best place to do these is on the toilet.

Agree with joint

I’d like to know if the reverse kegels should also be done daily, or if those are done less frequently. These seem pretty cool, I’ve never done PF exercise before. I do a lot of yoga, so I was familiar with the stretches, but never a Kegel.

I think my pelvic floor is waaay too tight it seems obvious after these exercises appreciate learning this

I’ve heard and practiced this in the past already and it definitely works, you can use it to last longer (practice during masturbation) there’s 2 types of kegel and both work to give more control over when the point of no return comes

I found the descriptions of how to engage the pelvic floor very helpful.

The video made it very ready to find my pelvic floor. I feel like I could just do this at random points in the day.

I used to do a lot of yoga and i feel my erectile dysfunction was ok then. I;ve since stopped. I am wondering if i need to resume!