What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

I will do a set every time I have a negative thought about this current situation of psyching myself out.

These were fun! I enjoyed it and excited to see the results.

They seem legit and can feel the areas that were mentioned in the video. I definitely feel that mine are a combination of both week and tight.

I’d like to know how many reps we did the pulse for, so I won’t need to repoen the app for it

Hard to know if they really benefit. I’ve done them on and off before to different degrees of success. Am not sure if i"m doing the reverse kegel right

I’ve been doing them for a while. Nothing routinely however

Will certainly give them a try. Hard to tell I guess if it will be of benefit but think it helps focus on general well-being too so certainly won’t do any harm!

I find it really hard to breathe while doing kegels, I constantly am holding my breath for some reason, when I try to breathe I stop keegeling, lol

I can’t believe how quickly the muscles get tired. Train more

Its worth trying

Wow, a lot to remember and take in. Hope to be able to find these on demand to use daily. I think I have a mix of muscle issues going on so that could be challenging.
Hoping that by toning the muscles it will help with my erections

Helpful but I feel it would be more helpful to have a guided video rather than instructions on this. A guided video would be much easier to follow and would serve as a good tool to refer back to in an effort to build this into a daily routine.

Like them

It seems to make sense when trying to gain more control over your muscles and stamina.
I’m looking forward to seeing/feeling results.

Loved it! I will be doing these every day.

With my last partner when we were getting in the mood i remember i would do pulses to play, it was kind of an inside joke. And our sex used to be really good. Im now making the connection that doing that probably helped me maintain as i was flexing my pelvic floor. I notice now i havent been doing it at all when aroused but ill focus a little more on doing it again when i can.

I’ve noticed they help with orgasm control.

Doesn’t seem that difficult which makes me think I’m doing it wrong- but I can get my balls to lift up as the advice says. Stretching was harder and maybe that is a good thing as I do feel achiness quite quickly when getting down to and this can throw me off.

While getting an erection I sometimes clench my pelvic floor, now I know what to call it., does this make it harder to get an erection? Does it interrupt the blood flow to the penis? Wondering if maybe I should practice the stretching of the pelvic floor through the belly excercise instead…

I feel like my erection issues started when I was trying to do kegels. I would be in the car for a long period of time, so I’d hold for 5+ seconds slowly increasing. It never seemed to make a difference and erections became less common and less stiff