What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

Felt extremely difficult to be honest

Feel very tight and can yell I need to stretch and relax.

I think mine were tight but I wasn’t sure, but the exercises were all fine to do and it feels like progress

Good with the stretches. Unclear but believe that the hold and pulse are kegels? “Activate the pelvic floor muscles”? Just need a tad more clarity here.

the pulse one is hard a shit

I’ve done both of these exercises in the past. But fell off with them eventually. I I’ll definitely make it a habit to stretch and strengthen my pelvic floor every day.

Anyone else feel very close to orgasm during the pulse exercise? A few more minutes of that am I’m sure I’d cum hands free. Not sure it’s what I need when I’m here to try and last longer.

Is just logic the stronger and flexible that our pelvic be the better and stronger our growing and timing on it too!

Practice is just the SECRET

Bringing me back to middle school days lol

Need to remember to make this a habit. I feel like I’ll forget without a reminder


Firstly I didn’t even know how to tense it , on the pulse was hard to tell if it had released or not . Just felt like it was still tensed until my next pulse .

Not really sure if my pelvic floor is tight, should I be stretching and strengthening regardless?

All for it

Curious to know what other exercises or routine we should follow.

I think they are significant to strengthening the muscles that play a key role in sexual activity. The exercises are quite effective and relevant to the pelvic area.

It loosens my lower back

I noticed that the ability to relax your pelvic floor muscle during sex can help you last longer in bad

Great that you can do the pulse moves anywhere really