What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

I’m new to them but am a pretty fit guy. They were surprisingly hard!

I used to do these all the time , but haven’t for years. Well maybe I should have kept doing them! We’ll see what happens next.

Well, this is not easy. But definitely gonna continue on that!

Can definitely will the engage and release of the muscles

My problem is commitment to it and doing them with my partner in the house. Maybe I’ll have to do them in the car before coming home. Otherwise, super embarrassing.

I can’t tell if I’m weak or tight. Also i don’t know of it’s because I am weak or tight but I feel like I’m not getting a whole lot of movement. I’m excited to see how it may change over time.

I kind of cannot control those movements as yet so I see there’s a lot I must work on.

Well, if this muscle is used to hold blood in the penis and if it also allows us to better control ejaculation, seems a win-win… I’ll start doing this everyday

What do I have to lose!

Makes sence

I hope this is helpful. I have just started and I guess I need to give either a few months before really rating them.

It’s hard for me to tell if I’m doing them right lol, but I think I was and it makes sense. Hopeful this will lead to seeing progress

I like them but i want to make sure I stay consistent with them and make them part of my routine.

I find it hard to breathe whilst also contracting my pelvic floor. Is this normal?

Been doing it for years.

Feels like it starts the blood flowing more!

As a weight lifter, I was surprised at my pelvic floor weakness and lack of good muscle control. I think it’s a legit exercise I will continue to use.

More difficult to hold for full 10 seconds then I would expect- I assume that means I have a weak orr er Lviv floor snd need to get to work.

idk why but it sorta felt good towards the end like some form i pleasure i didnt know about

How about s download able track to play with a daily routine? :slight_smile: